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Updated: May 23, 2018

Sat here in Chobblebox on a beautiful sunny morning in Rhayader, mid Wales, I find myself wondering what to write on my ‘blog’. 🤔

“Write a blog” said Sam. “You’re a natural!”, she said...

Now here’s the thing.... “You’re a natural!....what does that mean? Natural writer...? No! Natural thinker...? Well we all think!🙃 Natural clown...? It has been said before...🤡 Or “Your sense of humour is sad & you say it like it is & make us giggle”...ok, probably! So we now have an idea of what my character is..🤣

So...what is a blog? How does one blog? What are the rules of a blog? “No rules” said Dave. “Your website, your blog - say what you like!”....

Suddenly this ‘blog’ lark seems very inviting! No rules! No ties! No restrictions!

Ok, so now we’ve learnt I’m slightly nutty, weird sense of humour, love to laugh & a bit of a rebel...I can blog away to my hearts content & the best bit? There are no rules!

With the above in mind, I welcome you to my fabulous new website, created by the aforementioned Sam & Dave of Mogwai Media & hope you will browse through the various pages to see what Chobblebox is all about.

Now we have established what a blog is, I shall look forward to ‘blogging’ in future, keeping you informed of exciting additions & up-to-date with the latest adventures of Chobblebox!

Have a great day Chobbleboxers!

With love & a little Chobblebox magic,

Paula x/x

P.s My heartfelt thanks to the team at Mogwai Media...check them out...they’re amazingly human!!! 🤣


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